Prevent OHIP Billing Rejections is a web-based, secure Health Card Validation service. We provide an easy and fast method to validating OHIP health cards. By swiping your patient’s health card or entering the number, our service will validate the card in real-time, instantly alerting you to issues with the card or card holder.

This can be done at the time of scheduling, helping to avoid billing rejections from the Ministry completely or when a patient checks in for their appointment. We also provide the ability to run batch validations, so that you can check for health card issues in days or weeks in advance.

We have been providing health card validation for health care professionals for many years. We have a proven record for reliability, security, and stability. Our service is guaranteed to benefit your practice.

We can make lost revenue due to health card problems a thing of the past. By validating health cards, you save time, money, and effort. You have the ability to deal with invalid health card problems on the spot, instead of spending time tracking down patients after the appointment.

Health Card Validation is perfect for:

  • Family Doctors
  • Optometrists
  • Sleep Clinics
  • Bone Marrow Density Clinics
  • Billing Agents
  • Specialists
  • Walk-in Clinics

Our health card validation service has a special feature for Optometrists, Sleep Clinics, and Bone Marrow Density Laboratories. One validation will allow you to check both the health cards and the dates of the last exams. No more hours  spent on the phone, validating health cards and checking for eligibility for OHIP coverage. The old IVR process cannot give you the date of the last exam. We can save your time  by completing the validation and time limit verification all at once with a simple swipe of the patient’s health card.

Instant Validation

Split second validations will reduce time and increase productivity in your clinic.

No Training Needed

Simply login and swipe. It is a 2 step process that requires little training. 

Unlimited Validations

No cut-off limit, no matter how many validations are performed each month.

Free Support

Our full service solution means you are only a phone call away.