General FAQs

  • Much faster than IVR
  • Instant results that stay on the screen
  • Frees-up staff and phone lines to care for patients
  • Allows you to multi-task while you validate
  • Minimizes billing refusals due to health card issues is an online service, there is no need for your clinic to purchase or install software. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. checks the status of patient health cards and the eligibility of that patient against Time Limited Fee Schedule Codes. These include codes used by general practitioners, optometrists, and ophthalmologists.

When a user enters a health card number, provides the following information:

  • The status of the card holder; not everyone is eligible for OHIP
  • The status of the health card number
  • The patient’s full name, gender, and date of birth
  • Date of issue and expiry for the health card number
  • The eligibility of the card holder for any selected Time Limited Fee Schedule Codes
  • The reason the patient is ineligible for any selected codes, if applicable.  We tell you if the patient is in the correct age range, and, if applicable, the date of the last billed visit with the doctor

There are three ways to enter the patients’ health card numbers:

    • Swiping a patient’s health card using a USB card reader
    • Entering the health card number manually, using the number pad on your keyboard
    • Copy and pasting the patient’s health card number from the electronic record

Yes. If you use clinic management software, you can download reports that can then be uploaded to the website, and can validate all of the cards at one time. A report is generated, that is displayed on the screen, and can be saved to your computer. All of the same information that is returned for a single card is given for each card in the batch.

If you do not have clinic management software, you can either use a spreadsheet to generated a file, or enter multiple health card numbers manually. The same report is generated as above.

We offer unlimited validations. You will never have your service cut off because you reached a monthly limit.

You can either set up the account for the clinic, or for each doctor. It is up to the doctor’s involved. We can set up the account for a Group or for each provider.

If validation is going to be performed by a staff member, we suggest setting up a designee GO Secure account for staff. Every 120 days, when the GO Secure password expires, you need to enter the new GO Secure password in order to continue to validate. If there is a designee account, then the staff can update the information.

We accept payment by credit card.  You can pay either monthly or annually.

When you sign the payment form, you agree to the fee and the monthly or annual subscription. If you agree to the monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time. You will be billed for the last month that you use the service. If you are on an annual subscription, you can cancel at the end of the subscription time. We do not give refunds for unused time.

Yes. We comply with all Ministry of Health standards, which require strict security protocols. Neither your patient data nor your provider information will ever be compromised. You can see our privacy policy for more details.

All that you need is a computer with an internet connection, and a GO Secure account. Users are required to have a Go Secure account, which is the same account used when billing MC EDT. Health card information is private health information. As such, the Ministry of Health can only release validation data to health care information custodians. Your identity as a health care information custodian is confirmed by having an active GO Secure account.

For more information about the GO Secure account, visit the GO Secure webpage:

The free trial is a no-obligation opportunity for you to test our services. It is not a demonstration; you are accessing live Ministry of Health databases when validating health cards. The Ministry requires proper identification through your GO Secure account information before it will release patient information.